Barbarian Days

a surfing life


moody montauk

having the beach to ourself. montauk off-season. 35mm. self-processed

small vastness

simple neutrals.

home, a minimalist retreat

the lost days

sessions on the guitar, lap steel,
piano, synth, ukelele

till there was you

Lara Dominguez: lap steel


Lara Dominguez: piano

toothpaste kisses

Lara Dominguez: electric guitar
Marcelo Dominguez: acoustic guitar

tonight you belong to me

Lara Dominguez: ukelele
Marcelo Dominguez: electric guitar, ebow

new year's eve

Lara Dominguez: vocals
Marcelo Dominguez: acoustic guitar

only you know

Lara Dominguez: piano

stroboscopic. dream machine.

love the ghost

farm to table breakfast. sunfrost farms. woodstock

montauk. 35mm

rough ideas. dropcap letters



animation for marcelo's band. it's for a newsletter announcing their show at the end of the month. i like how the design turned out. it's an actual video clip from montauk. we had the beach to ourself. we thought it was going to rain. there was a big downpour in the morning while we were having breakfast but the rains stopped and we had our afternoon tea at the beach.


el apartamento

darkroom setup

“I was inventing a language for people to see the everyday things that I also see... and show them something different, simply the other side.”
- F. Woodman

Barbarian Days contains personal projects in film photography and music. My photos are primarily self-processed using traditional printing techniques in the darkroom, while music has always been a constant source of inspiration. Playing music and working in the darkroom have a wonderful way of slowing things down and allow for a much needed opportunity to spend time in my head, tapping into mysterious surfs of sine waves in a dark and unhurried space. Both music and photography bring me to a place where I feel most connected to the surrounding world and the world of dreams. The stillness turns magic out of ordinary stuff, the things we usually pass by without noticing. I enjoy finding poetry and narrative in moments of everyday life, simple gestures, intimacy and detachment.

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