Barbarian Days

This shot at Montauk inspired so many ideas. I was all over the place visually from Antonioni, Noguchi to simple Betty Crocker illustrations. I get excited playing around with different design elements from unrelated and deconstructed sources.

a surfing life


moody montauk

having the beach to ourself. montauk off-season. 35mm. self-processed

small vastness

simple neutrals.

home is a minimalist retreat

the lost days

sessions on the guitar, lap steel,
piano, synth, ukelele

till there was you

Lara Dominguez: lap steel


Lara Dominguez: piano

toothpaste kisses

Lara Dominguez: electric guitar
Marcelo Dominguez: acoustic guitar

tonight you belong to me

Lara Dominguez: ukelele
Marcelo Dominguez: electric guitar, ebow

new year's eve

Lara Dominguez: vocals
Marcelo Dominguez: acoustic guitar

only you know

Lara Dominguez: piano

stroboscopic. dream machine.

love the ghost

farm to table breakfast. sunfrost farms. woodstock

montauk. 35mm

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